ALL IS SILENCE – A Deserted Lands NovelAIS EBook Thumbnail 01182014

The Dante Rossetti Awards for Young Adult Fiction 2013 -First Place Dystopian Category. 

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“Suspenseful, touching, thought-provoking. A great first novel, that I quite enjoyed. . . . conjured up elements from George R. Stewart’s EARTH ABIDES. Satisfied, yet hungry for more.” –Mark Leslie, Author of I, Death.

“Lizzie, an anti-hero, is the tough chick with a heart of gold.  She survives the pandemic apocalypse that wipes out the world’s population, and captures the reader by being so human that you can’t help being sucked into her world.  If All Is Silence is a forerunner for a series, I say, ‘Bring it.’”  –Christopher Key, Entertainment News Northwest

“A fast paced, adrenaline soaked novel. . . . Lizzie, or Crazy Lizzie to her friends, makes for a rather dark character. A former cutter who has occasional suicidal tendencies, she nonetheless manages to be very compelling. In fact, all the characters manage to be interesting. . . . Slater is a very talented writer and he slowly ramps up the action and suspense until you’re flipping the pages almost too fast to read the words. . . . I’ll definitely be waiting (impatiently) for the sequel.”–Kayti Nika Raet, Readers’ Favorite.

“I couldn’t put this book down . . .  All is Silence is the best character-driven, near-future sci-fi on bookshelves today. Slater’s young protagonist is a perfect blend of angst and heart. Even minor characters are vividly drawn. A riveting, easy read.” –Selah J Tay-Song, Author of Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern

“All is Silence is a testament to the enduring ability of the human heart to grow through even the most difficult of circumstances. Slater writes with a profound sensitivity to what is real in the human condition.” –Michael Sarrow, Author of Invisible Year

“In a world of constant noise, it is horrifying to think it could be silenced by a mysterious virus. Radios, cell phones and social media still exist, but are on repeat until survivors emerge. [An] adventure of survival and a journey in search of hope when all appears lost. Slater breathes life into his characters as they face a world of unforgettable trauma and horror. If your morbid curiosity and thrill-seeking spirit needs to be satiated, check out this novel.” –Jesikah Sundin, Author of Biodome Chronicles: Legacy


“… a fun tribute to pulp writers such as Heinlein and Phillip K. Dick… enjoyable from beginning to end… the pieces range from those written as a teenager to those written recently. Highlight’s include short stories, Outward Bound, In Formation, and Regression Therapy. The final piece, an excerpt from Slater’s upcoming novel, All is Silence, is an intriguing tease for what we can expect from this author in the future.”  
-Donald Drummond

Publisher of speculative fiction located in the Pacific Northwest.